Why is the quality of SPC vinyl flooring poor?

Incorrect installation of SPC vinyl flooring can affect service life!

SPC vinyl flooring can be DIY installed, but many homeowners do not follow the installation guidelines, resulting in the wrong way of installation, resulting in damage to the installation of the floor.

Some owners complained about the poor quality of environmental protection SPC vinyl floor, and found it after statistics. 80% of the flooring is short service life due to improper installation. What is the wrong installation method of vinyl flooring? Today, I'd like to introduce you!

Error condition 1:

The wear-resistant vinyl floor is not paved. Uneven floors can cause the floor and keel to hang. When stepping on the pedal, it will make a sound, which will cause the keel to deform for a long time.

Error condition 2:

The keel is not dry, the moisture content of the untreated keel is about 25%, and the moisture content of the normal qualified floor is about 12%. Excessive humidity causes the floor to absorb moisture and cause the floor to tilt.

Error condition 3:

The floor bottle is too compact or too loose, especially the solid wood floor. Because the raw material is solid wood, it will expand and contract. If the floor is too loose or too tight, it will cause the floor to crack.

Error condition 4:

Method of fixing with wooden wedge and nail: in the process of construction, the method of fixing with wooden wedge and nail will make the nail's clamping force too small due to the small contact surface between the wooden wedge and nail, which will easily cause the wooden keel to loosen and make a sound when stepping on the floor.

SPC vinyl floor installation to find professional people, or in-depth study of the floor installation guide, according to the requirements of installation to avoid damage to the floor, so as to ensure that the floor can be used for a longer time!

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