What is stone plastic composite waterproof floor (SPC vinyl floor)?

More and more floors make you don't know how to choose. If you are looking for a specific floor, such as waterproof floor, then SPC vinyl waterproof floor is worth exploring and learning.

SPC vinyl waterproof floor is a new type of material, through different materials to achieve waterproof effect. Because SPC vinyl base plate is composed of multi-layer materials, different structural layers have different functions!

Top level UV layer

The UV layer on the top layer can effectively prevent the color of the floor from falling off due to direct sunlight exposure. In addition, the UV layer can resist stains and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Wearing layer

The next layer is a wear-resistant layer that protects the vinyl top layer to capture the shape of the floor. We will discuss it further in this article.

This micro ceramic bead wear-resistant layer prevents additional wear on the vinyl top layer, ensuring that your flooring looks stylish in the next few years. It guarantees high durability and acts as an additional layer of protection.

SPC stone plastic composite vinyl core

Next is the SPC part of the engineering floor.

Aquatec's extruded waterproof SPC vinyl core never expands or contracts. It has high dimensional stability and can withstand and prevent water penetration.

EVA rubber pad

Finally, the last layer consists of EVA rubber pads for maximum comfort at the foot.

EVA rubber mats also fit under floor imperfections, which means you don't need any separate mats when installing this floor. This means that you can install this product on any substrate, such as hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain or concrete, without telegraph.

Fillers are also mildew and mildew resistant, so they are ideal for use in basements, bathrooms, laundries, three season porches and other areas that may cause moisture.

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