SPC vinyl flooring and WPC flooring guidelines

SPC and WPC are different types of vinyl flooring that you can use in your home or business. The main difference is what the core of these flooring is. SPC stands for stone polymer composite, while WPC stands for wood polymer composite. Both materials are a mixture of plastic and other materials that can be printed like many other popular flooring materials: wood, tiles, stone, etc.

How about SPC vinyl flooring and WPC flooring? How are they different?

Both materials are composite and are usually installed by means of dispersion (floating "click"). As the name suggests, the main difference lies in their core / substrate composition and materials: the core of SPC hard core vinyl floor is mainly made of stone - calcium carbonate (limestone) content is about 60%, while WPC is mainly made of stone into plastic, and there may be other wood products, including wood powder / flour.

Compared with SPC vinyl flooring, this will make WPC flooring slightly lighter, but the durability and dimensional stability are poor. Although SPC is usually thinner than WPC, it has higher density and water resistance, which is attributed to its super stable stone composite core. Both do not require a flat floor, which is superior to hardwood and tile.

Are WPC and SPC just vinyl base plates?

Although many vinyl baseplates have a reputation for being cheap and not durable, WPC and SPC are slightly different. These composites do have a printed vinyl layer, but the flooring is closer to simulating solid wood and stone. In addition, their composite structure makes them not easy to expand and contract, easier to be installed directly on the concrete, and extremely water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for floors with heavy traffic or frequent wear and tear.

Which one should I choose?

Although there are some differences between WPC and SPC vinyl flooring, the right choice depends on where you use it and the style you are looking for. Both WPC and SPC flooring are very durable and are good choices for many different applications, and the right choice will depend on your needs on the floor. SPC and WPC flooring is a more durable, versatile flooring option that looks good enough to fit your space.

SPC floor has more use scenarios to meet the needs of various occasions, such as business center, factory building, office area, etc. SPC floor is more wear-resistant, antiskid, and has a longer service life. Therefore, if you choose the floor, you can consider the SPC vinyl floor, which is a good choice.

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