How to maintain SPC vinyl flooring in dry weather?

Maintaining the floor is a kind of knowledge, and also a matter of opinion that many families need to know. So how to maintain the SPC vinyl base plate? What is the difference between SPC vinyl floor and common floor in maintenance? Today I will introduce how to maintain vinyl flooring in dry weather!

1. Keep the moisture of SPC vinyl floor.

Windows should be kept as airy as possible in dry conditions. In addition, after a day or two, a wet rag or mop should be used to keep the wood floor moist. After a period of time, the weather is getting drier and drier. You need to use humidifier to adjust the indoor humidity.

2. The new floor uses less essential oil.

We often hear that in order to maintain the aesthetic feeling of the solid wood floor or parquet floor and extend the service life of the coating, it is recommended to apply wax once a year for maintenance. In fact, it is better to use less wood oil and solid wax on the new floor.

Some inferior essential oil sprays in the floor surface, can penetrate the gap between the floor. Although the brightness increases, it will hiss when walking, but it will affect the effect. Moreover, once the floor is covered with dust, it is hard to deal with it.

3. Timely maintenance.

Regularly clean the wood floor, vacuumize, and prevent sand or friction dust from accumulating and rubbing the wood floor surface. To prevent sand or abrasive dust from entering the room, a doormat can be placed outside the door.

The maintenance of SPC vinyl floor is similar to that of ordinary solid wood floor, no extra work is required. If there are any questions about the floor, please leave a message or send an email.

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