Advantages of SPC vinyl flooring vs. stone flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring based on high-tech development, high environmental protection: non-polluting, non-polluting, recyclable. The product does not contain benzene and formaldehyde, it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled to save the amount of wood used;

SPC vinyl flooring

Insect and termite resistant: Effective in eliminating insects and prolonging the life of the floor.

High plasticity: can be very simple to realize personalized shape, fully reflect the individual style.

stone flooring

The first thing that attracts you is the beauty of the form. Many building materials do not have this natural texture. This type of stone flooring has a long natural ageing, even structure, water and moisture do not deform, and of course the most important thing is the durability, if you accidentally spill coffee, juice or other drinks on it, it is easy to clean the stains with a cleaning cloth. But this kind of flooring is very heavy, installation is also more time consuming and laborious, and can not be reused after installation. This kind of floor contains formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemical and radioactive substances, the house must be ventilated and idle for half a year to live in! This kind of flooring is expensive because it is a non-renewable resource!

Of course, there are natural and man-made stone flooring! Because man-made marble is man-made, it contains many uncontrollable elements. Especially some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of using inferior materials, which may contain a large amount of formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances, some even directly add organic solvents, the formation of a serious quality problem of "toxic marble".

Artificial stone itself is also relatively deviated from the characteristics, such as small hardness, fear of scratches, fear of coloring, etc., such quality problems on the maintenance of furniture is even more aggravated.

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